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Here’s What’s Coming to Wicked Horror TV in February 2024

Wicked Horror

Zombies, scary backwoods dwellers, slashlorettes, a camp turn by Bela Lugosi and more are all headed to Wicked Horror TV in February 2024. We’re talking legacies of blood and blood mountains, manhunts in space and a touch of kaiju too.

Scroll down to find all of the debuting scares that also include a female serial killer and a deadly haunted house attraction.

February 4, 2024

Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)
When the staff inside a renovated film studio finds a co-worker dead one morning, the pieces of a 40-year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has let the last person step inside her house. Will they get out alive?
Lacey Chabert in Ghost of Goodnigh Lane

Plaga Zombie (1997)
A group of people must fight for their lives when a bizarre epidemic starts a zombie invasion.
Plaga Zombie

Dear God No (2011)
A gang of outlaw bikers pull a home invasion on a disgraced Anthropologist hiding a secret locked in his cabin basement.
Dear God No Still
Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island (1995)
A brilliant and beautiful female doctor has perfected brain transplant operations and uses that knowledge to give the old men in power new bodies. But unknown to them, she implants an electronic device into their brains which will allow her to control them and to put women in charge. Only two courageous freedom fighters can stop her mad plans for world domination.
Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island
Manhunt in Space (1954)
Not a feature film, but several episodes of the TV series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (1954) edited together and released as a feature.
Manhunt in Space
Legacy of Blood (1978)
Three wicked sisters and their equally unsavory husbands arrive at a remote inn where they mean to attend the reading of their uncle’s will. One by one, the heirs are dispatched by an unknown killer.
Legacy of Blood Still

Blood Mountain (2017)
Three mountain bikers have a deadly encounter with some hunters on Blood Mountain.
Blood Mountain

The Cold (1984)
Three bored millionaires gather nine people in an old mansion, and give them a proposition–if they can meet and conquer their biggest fears, they’ll get one million dollars in cash.

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (1952)
Two goofy entertainers, Martin and Lewis-style performers Duke Mitchell and Sammy Petrillo meet a mad scientist (Bela Lugosi) on a jungle island.
Bela Lugosi and Sammy P still


The Headless Ghost (1959)
Three teenagers encounter a ghost who is in limbo until he retrieves his lost head. They do their bit to help him find it.
Scene from the headless ghost

Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967)
An earthquake in central Korea awakens the colossal amphibious creature Yongary, that soon wreaks havoc through Seoul.
Youngary Kaiju still

Hell Camp (1977)
During the last days of WW2, several female prisoners arrive at Camp 5 to work as sex slaves for officers and guinea pigs for horrific experiments by Nazi doctors who are trying to find a cure for burns. But these women are not going to die without a fight… Can they stay alive until the closing Red army comes to their rescue?

Family Property: Backwoods Killing Spree (2009)
When the cops kill Farmer Jones his son Derek stays hidden to protect their Family Property and keep his promise to his father no matter what! For the first time in ten years someone makes the mistake of stepping on the property, which evokes a killing spree. Who will survive and who will die???

Helga: She Wolf of Stilberg (1978)
Helga (now played by Malisa Longo) moves the action to South America, where she lords over a castle of female political prisoners, who are stripped and tortured at whim.

Beaten to a Pulp (1978)
A lonely man, Stuart, enters a world of junkies, porn stars, and serial killers. Every scumbag in LA is out for his head. Will he survive?

Tales of Found Footage (2019)
 A horror anthology containing three stories of terror, presented in found footage style. 

Destruction Kings (2006)
Mr. Bonejack and Teen Ape reunite for one final apocalyptic showdown with the ultimate creatures of the night – Dracula, Funkenstein and The Wolfman!

Chillers (2015)
Anthology film with several components. A Haunt: Carrie White just wanted to go check out a local haunted house to kill some time. Terrifyingly realistic, she got much more than she bargained for. Soul Mates: After a mugging Jason Tallman is plagued by nightmares. Are these really just night terrors or something even more frightening? The Couple: Thieves Barbara and Freddy thought they pulled off the heist of a lifetime until a stranded couple seeks shelter. Now they have to deal with them in order to get away with it.

9 Days: Whipped, Chained and Tortured By a Psychopath (2013)
To escape her abusive foster home, headstrong 18-year-old Danielle Hitches a Ride with an affable psycho who calls himself Virgil and has an axe to grind against women based on his warped religious beliefs.
9 Days Still

February 11, 2024

Boggy Creek Monster (2016)
The true story behind the legend of the Arkansas Fouke Monster.

Plaga Zombie: Zona Mutante (2001)
Three survivors of a zombie outbreak (caused by an alien virus) intercepted by the authorities and thrown straight back into the now quarantined town. The trio, an ex pro-wrestler named John West (Pablo Parés), medical student Bill (Pablo Parés), and a nerd called Max (Hernán Sáez), fend off the undead whilst trying to figure out a way to escape their predicament.

My Dead Girlfriend (2006)
When Steve accidentally kills Amy by backing over her with his car, he attempts to revive her using an ancient book of magic.

I’m Haunted (2022)
A woman believes her apartment is haunted and begins a video blog to share her experiences with her subscribers.

Escapee (2011)
While on a class observation trip at a local mental hospital, young psychology major Abby Jones (Christine Evangelista), has a chilling encounter with high-risk patient, Harmon (Dominic Purcell). She returns home for an evening of normal study with her two roommates unaware of the darkness shes awakened within him. Later that evening a storm moves in, while Harmon escapes leaving a trail of death, as he makes his way toward an unsuspecting Abby. Meanwhile, Abby and her roommate Lynn (Carly Chaikin) receive a visit from Carter Thomas (Scott Elrod), the neighbor cop across the street, warning them about a local peeper lurking in the area.

Into the Forest (2019)
After a massive power outage, two sisters learn to survive on their own in their isolated woodland home.
Into the Forest

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957)
A young woman discovers she is the daughter of the infamous Dr. Jekyll, and begins to believe that she may also have a split personality, one of whom is a ruthless killer.
Daughter of Dr. Jekyll

Maria’s Tale (2018)
Tasting success with her growing internet channel Maria strives to give her audience the best coverage of local events. Gone are her days of covering the local pie eating contest and best pig in show, she and her crew are now off to discover the twisted events that took place at a well known asylum. Unfortunately, for them the craziness isn’t what happens at the asylum, but en route to the shelter.

The Before Time (2013)
When two rival crews head into the desert to shoot a reality show based on a buried Navajo treasure, they discover that truth is not only stranger than fiction, it’s more dangerous. Something wants them from digging deeper and from escaping the desert alive.
The Before Time Still

Girls Just Wanna Have Blood (2019)
When Jessica’s accepted by a trio of fun loving vampires, she finds herself thrust into a lifestyle full of long nights, sex-crazed bikers, and blood suckin’.
Vampire Girls in a Circle

Ozone (1994)
A drug dealer (Bill Morrison) injects a policeman (James Black) with a substance that seems to slowly turn him into a mutant zombie.

Venus in Furs (1969)
After musician finds the corpse of a beautiful woman on the beach, the woman returns from the dead to take revenge on those responsible for her death.
Klaus K in Venus in Furs

House of the Living Dead (1973)
On a South African plantation, a maniac is on the loose, first killing the estate’s animals, then starting on the human members.

Midnight Matinee Psycho (2013)
A lunatic begins killing theater patrons attending after-midnight productions.

The Blue Choker (2018)
Yeh, a gifted student, transfers to Edison Junior High, a private school renowned for its academic performance. Disturbed by the gloomy atmosphere and distorted institutions, the rebellious Yeh begins to challenge everything he sees and feels. Little does he know that he is slowly falling into the treacherous trap of the mysterious “Dorm 420”.

Garden Tool Massacre (1998)
Psychopath Charles Scavolini escapes the mental institution and returns to his home. Now occupied by a gang of partying teenagers, Scavolini takes back his property with brutal blood lust.

Embryo (1976)
A scientist (Rock Hudson) doing experiments on a human fetus discovers a method to accelerate the fetus into a mature adult in just a few days. All is not well though as the child begins to exhibit some horrific tendencies.
Rock Hudson in Embryo

House of Evil (1968)
Relatives of a recently deceased man meet at his eerie castle for a reading of the will. They encounter a sinister piano player who turns out to be a toy maker, and his toys are imbued with murderous intentions.

It Came from Outer Space (1953)
A spaceship from another world crashes in the Arizona desert and only an amateur stargazer and a schoolteacher suspect alien influence when the local townsfolk begin to act strangely.

Metamorphosis (1990)
An anti-aging serum is being developed by a scientist. When he loses his funding he uses it on himself with dire results.

February 18, 2024

The Bad Man (2018)
Mary and PJ are kidnapped and tortured by a sadistic clown bent on transforming them into a ‘doll’ and a ‘dog’ — servile sex slaves that will be sold to the highest bidders. When PJ goes mad, Mary becomes the couple’s only hope of survival. But can she find a way out before auction day arrives?

Revolt (2017)
In the war-ravaged Kenyan countryside, a U.S. soldier (Lee Pace) and a French foreign aid worker (Berenice Marlohe) team up to survive an alien onslaught.
Revolt (2017) still

The Warning
Ten-year-old Nico receives a threatening letter and now his life is in danger. No one seems to believe him except one person that he doesn’t know who has come to believe that fate itself wants the boy dead and tries to prevent it.

Hobgoblins (1988)
A young security guard must track down diminutive aliens who kill people even as they make their fantasies come true.

Boar (2018)
In the harsh, yet beautiful Australian outback lives a beast, an animal of staggering size, with a ruthless, driving need for blood and destruction. It cares for none, defends its territory with brutal force, and kills with a raw, animalistic savagery unlike any have seen before. Now coming face to face with the giant bloodthirsty killing machine, teens on a hiking trip will have the beast in order to en its reign of terror.
Boar still

EnterFear: The Next Wave (2023)
It’s been one year since the tragic meteorite crash that spawned an army of the living dead to wreak havoc on the people of Jackson County. Now, it’s back. But this time, it’s not zombies they fear.

Restitution Road (2008)
An attractive woman enlists the help of her two best friends to confront a charming man with a secret background who has pushed her to the breaking point.

Slashlorette Party (2021)
A bride-to-be is taken to a woodland cabin for a bachelorette party, but the fun stops when an uninvited party starts cutting down the guest list.
Slashlorette Party

Winterskin (2018)
Gunned down in the snowy wilderness and desperate for shelter, Billy Cavanagh is taken in by kooky old lady Agnes, unaware that her isolated log cabin is being stalked by a bloodthirsty skinless creature hellbent on getting inside.
Capps Crossing (2017)
David has lost his girlfriend and his mind. Capps Crossing is his only refuge. When six hikers make the mistake of choosing Capps Crossing to spend the weekend, David will stop at nothing to make sure they never come back.

Garden of Hedon (2012)
Anything goes in the Garden of Hedon. Even murder. “Fresh and Exciting” says Ain’t It Cool News. “A Twisty Thrillers” says Night of the Living Podcast. “a genre-bending journey into debauchery and murder” says Horrortalk.

Bong of the Dead (2012)
When the world is taken over by flesh eating zombies, best friends Tommy and Edwin figure out a way to benefit from it by turning zombies into fertilizer for growing potent weed! There will be bud.

Chicago Rot (2016)
After years of rotting in Joliet, Les, a wrongfully imprisoned street legend known as “The Ghoul”, is released into a mad search through Chicago’s back alleys for the man who slaughtered his mother and robbed him of his soul. Aided by mysterious benefactors, he must delve beneath the city into a modern labyrinth of gutters whose tendrils have grown deep while he was gone. What unfolds is a desperate tale of brute force tragedy set in the supernatural underworld of Chicago, where heroes are reduced to horror-shows, villains dream of their own demise, and good and evil prove to be antiquated concepts.

Cry of the Werewolf (1944)
A young woman raised by gypsies hides a deadly secret which she will do anything to protect.

Mama Dracula (1980)
A female vampire must bathe in the blood of virgins in order to stay alive. The trouble is that virgins are in short supply nowadays, and she is running into major problems in finding one.
Mamma Dracula still

Man with Two Lives (1942)
A man is brought back from death at the same time a vicious criminal dies in the electric chair. However, the man’s soul is now taken over by the electrocuted gangster, who embarks on a vengeful crime wave.

Feast of Flesh (1967)
A masked killer prowls the beaches of Argentina, injecting beautiful girls with heroin, and then using weird organ music to make them his zombie slaves.
Masked villain in Feast of Flesh

Point of Terror (1971)
A nightclub singer has nightmares about being involved in adultery and murder, only to wake up and find that they may not be nightmares.

The Screaming Skull (1958)
A man (John Hudson) tries to drive his second wife (Peggy Webber) mad at his dead first wife’s Southern mansion.
The Screaming Skull

Box of Bigfoot: Hillbillies vs. Sasquatch (1983)
A combo pack of Bobby Creek and Bigfoot films including The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Capture of Bigfoot and Legend of Bigfoot.

The Lady and the Monster (1944)
A millionaire’s brain is preserved after his death, and telepathically begins to take control of those around him.

 February 25, 2024

Whispers (2017)
A young couple grieving the recent death of their daughter move to the countryside where they are haunted by their tragedy and a sinister darkness.

Curse of the Undead (1959)
While a malady is claiming the lives of young women in a Western town, a sinister gunslinger-for-hire Drake Robey is really a vampire, and it’s up to Preacher Dan to save the town and girlfriend Dolores Carter.
Curse of the Undead Still

I Dream of a Psychopomp (2021)
A widower haunted by the distressed ghost of his recently deceased wife is visited in his dreams by a psychopomp who teaches him about the spirit world and soul guiding through stories of death and the supernatural.

A Stranger Among the Living (2019)
A young teacher finds himself haunted by the undead after narrowly escaping a school shooting.

The Frankenstein Syndrome
A group of researchers conducting illegal stem cell research discover a cell anomaly that has the potential to regenerate dead tissue. Unable to conduct legal human trials, the researchers turn to corpses to test their serum.
Tiffany Sheppis in Frankenstein Syndrome

Hank Boyd is Dead (2015)
A young woman hired to cater the post-funeral gathering for accused killer Hank Boyd discovers his crimes and death may not be what they seem.

The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom (2014)
A woman who suffers from agoraphobia soon realizes her fear of the outside world is nothing compared to what she finds in her home.
The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom

Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels (1999)
A sleepy fishing village is terrorized by a band of hairless zombies on motorcycles.

Fiend (1980)
An evil spirit Possesses the corpse of a diseased man. It must absorb the life energy of the living, in order for the corpse to not rot away. It moves to the suburbs, where, a neighbor begins to suspect something isn’t right.

Svengali (1931)
Through hypnotism and telepathic mind control, a sinister music maestro controls the singing voice, but not the heart, of the woman he loves.

The Crawling Eye (1958)
A series of decapitations on a Swiss mountainside appear to be connected to a mysterious radioactive cloud.
The Crawling Eye

The Ape Man (1943)
A crazed scientist accidentally turns himself into a half ape, half human creature, and scrambles to find a cure.

War-Gods of the Deep (1965)
In 1903 Cornwall, a group of locals discover an underwater city, dating back to 1803, that hides a society of smugglers and aquatic creatures.

Frankenstein’s Great Aunt Tillie (1984)
The descendants of Baron Frankenstein return to the family castle to search for the family fortune that is supposed to be hidden there.

Monster from Green Hell (1957)
A scientific expedition in Africa investigates wasps that have been exposed to radiation and mutated into giant, killing monsters.
Monster Green Hell

After copper miners discover a piece of the frozen tail of a giant prehistoric reptile in Lapland, scientists inadvertently bring it back to life.

Captured (2020)
Mystery surrounds a psychiatrist turned artistic photographer when he takes an abused woman on an emotional journey while police investigate two missing women from his recent photographic exhibition.
Captured still

Lured (2019)
A young man, Jason, decides to go to a remote village in Asia to meet Kate, whom he has been chatting with online for a while. But he becomes increasingly disturbed as he starts to find out Kate’s secrets.

Fear and Desire (2018)
A woman awakens in a remote location to news that the world as she knows it has ended. As she adjusts to her new reality, events unfold and details emerge that may suggest otherwise.
Fear and Desire Still

Zombie Wars: Battle of the Bone (2008)
The divided communities in Northern Ireland come together to create peace against an army of drug crazed zombies.

A year after being mysteriously dumped by his girlfriend Olivia, Conrad takes a box of her mementos to his self-storage unit only to be trapped on the top floor in a twisted game of cat-and-mouse with a knife-wielding killer.


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