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Holliston to Return to Television (Sort of)


Adam Green’s much beloved but short lived horror sitcom Holliston is making its return to the small screen. Well, it’s making its return. Head inside for full details on the series’ return to the airwaves!

The folding of FEARnet and the death of Gwar frontman and series regular Dave Brockie left the series in tenuous territory but fans will finally get the much clamored about third season we’ve been waiting for.

GeekNation (the site that hosts Green’s The Movie Crypt Podcast) has signed on to host the third season of Green’s thirty minute sitcom Holliston. The program previously aired on the now defunct FEARnet. The news of the series third season comes via EW. The program will make its triumphant return next year! It will be a ten episode season and is slated to premiere in the summer of 2016.

In addition to Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, and Dee Snider will all be returning for the series’ third season!

In regards to the show’s return, Green said the following to EW: ““In most cases, the trials and tribulations we have endured as a cast would mean the end of a series. But this is Holliston and we are much more than just a sitcom. We are a bona fide family. By leaning on each other and embracing the overwhelming love and support of our fans, we never became disenchanted by our unfortunate circumstances or allowed our collective inspirational fire to go out.”

On Holliston, Green and Lynch play aspiring horror filmmakers that are stuck working for a cable channel in Holliston Mass.

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