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Horrorwear – Seven Spooky Dresses for the Summer Season

A Nightmare on Elm Street - The Weird Unspoken Double Standard of Horror Movies

The Summer season brings a number of festivals, days-out, evenings out, events and conventions. For genre fans and dress-up lovers, deciding on an outfit is a very big part of the fun. Wicked Horror has compiled seven horror inspired dresses to keep things creepy this season.


Bring out your devilish side with this awesome Exorcist altered tee baby doll dress, currently available here on Etsy. Perfect for any day out or warm summer evening.

the exorcist dress feature by nic odeku


An amazing outfit for those creepy evenings out, this Beetlejuice inspired dress will certainly turn heads. Available here on Etsy.

beetle juice dress


This Walking Dead comic book sweet heart dress is a must for any zombie loving fan. Perfect for days out and date nights. You can get it here.

Walking dead dress inspiration


This Halloween, DIY reconstructed tunic mini dress is an amazing choice for any horror conventions or summer festivals. It is available here.

halloween michael myers dress feature by nicola odeku


We all know and love this dress. Killstar has a velvet version and it’s to die for! Click here to check it out.

wednesday addams killstar dress


A bit more of a convention/horror festival outfit, but this Chucky inspired dress is definitely fun. Wanna play? Available here.

childs play outfit dress inspiration


This sexy Freddy Krueger altered tee lace strap dress is so cool! Perfect for nearly anywhere. Available on Etsy, here.

freddy krueger fashion lace dress feature by nicola odeku

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Written by Nicola Odeku
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