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Inside Remake Nabs Another Star

Laura Harring

We have just received word that the remake of the French Extremity horror Inside has added Laura Harring (The Punisher) to the film’s casting roster. Barring will join previously announced cast member Rachel Nichols. No word just yet on what role Harring will play in the picture but our bets are that she will be playing La Femme (portrayed by Béatrice Dalle in the original).

The creative team behind the upcoming remake features some pretty noteworthy talent, including director Miguel Angel Vivas (Kidnapped), writers Jaume Balagueró and Manu Diez (Rec), and producers Adrián Guerra and Núria Valls (Buried). The reimagining is being described as a move away from the gory violence of the original and is expected to be more of a psychological thriller than a straight horror film.

While it goes without saying that this picture does not need to be remade (why mess with perfection) I will at least say I am glad that it is in good hands. There are a lot of talented filmmakers coming together to bring this project to life and I hope that this redux does justice to the source material by which it is inspired.

Inside tells the tale of a very pregnant young woman who was involved in a car accident that claimed the life of her unborn child’s father. Late one night when she is home alone, she is stalked and terrorized by a madwoman intent on stealing her unborn child by any means necessary.

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