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Keith Hopkins Informs and Entertains with The Horror Anthology Handbook

October 27 is the official release date for filmmaker Keith Hopkins’ first book, which is now available for pre-order. Set to release in Kindle and paperback formats, The Horror Anthology Handbook is a non-fiction piece that appeals to both filmmakers and horror fans alike.

Over a two-year timespan, the author interviewed multiple horror anthology filmmakers, and incorporated these interviews into his book. The interviews cover a range of filmmaker roles as well as films and series. Readers will gain insight into the making of titles such as: V/H/S, Trick ‘r Treat, Black Mirror, Goosebumps—plus many more. The interviews cover just one portion of the book. The handbook also contains a detailed history on horror anthology films from The Silent Era up until modern day. Hopkins’ book provides material that will educate and excite horror fans and provide inspiration for filmmakers.

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Keith Hopkins is the director of the film Gravedigger Dave’s Halfway House, which is available on Prime Video. He is currently accepting film short submissions for his next anthology project, Gravedigger Dave’s Anthology Festival. Submission information can be found here. Further information on  Hopkins and his work can be found on his official website.

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