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Long-Leggedy Beasties Continue Their Crawl in ‘All Eight Eyes’ #3 [Exclusive Art Reveal]

All Eight Eyes #3 Cover

Horror theorists and fans alike bounce a question back and forth. Can a horror comic be truly scary?

Certainly, as in any medium, comics can serve up a gross-out scare that rattles some readers. EC Comics achieved that time and again with skinless faces, flayed bodies and dismembered or decaying corpses.

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For me, there’s a sequence in Alan Moore’s Neonomicon that conjures real psychological horror. That’s when we realize what the nearsighted FBI agent investigating mythos horrors has stumbled into as blurred panels hint at horrors that await in a watery underground chamber from which there’s no escape.

That controversial but award-winning mini-series has it’s share of gross-out scares as well, but that’s a digression.

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Can a comic scare or at least make your skin crawl in other ways? Well how do you feel about spiders? Dark Horse’s All Eight Eyes mini-series might be a chill that’s right for you. Or maybe that’s a trigger warning.

In the story by Steve Foxe, with art by Piotr Kowalski, the eyes belong to long-legeddy beasties with eight legs. The series has described at Jaws meets Arachnophobia in post 9/11 New York City. So be warned before you look further if you suffer from arachnophobia.

Images like these, revealed here exclusively at Wicked Horror today, are skittering to readers in Issue 3.

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Giant Spider Crawls

Protagonist Vin Spencer will face the spiders along with readers. Vin is a college dropout and stoner. He is drawn into the battle against giant creatures in issue one.

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As Vin’s mentor, a mysterious figure named Reynolds, steps up his crusade against the spiders, it’s Vin who may face the most danger.

Hero faces spider and helps friend in sequential art

With dank, shadowy subways where spiders lurk, looks like the answer to can a comic scare is at least: A comic can be unsettling.

If walking into a silky web or spotting an eight-legged pal in your house freaks you out, up that to scary!

All Eight Eyes No. 3 will be in stores June 21.

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