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Lord of Tears Director Shows Us The Unkindness of Ravens

Back in 2013, director Lawrie Brewster unleashed Lord of Tears onto the world, and if you follow my Cult Corner reviews, you’ll know that it’s a movie that I am quite fond of. It far exceeds expectations based on budget and it introduced us to a very promising new talent in Brewster himself. Needless to say, I’ve been very excited to see what he would do next, and now that the trailer and Kickstarter for The Unkindness of Ravens have dropped, I have my answer.

While a few elements from Lord of Tears seem to carry over including an isolated house in the Scottish Highlands and spooky bird-themed villains, one look at the trailer makes it immediately apparent that Brewster is really trying to step up his game even more this time. With a lot more characters, scenes of war, and a ton more visual effects this film looks far more ambitious than his previous outing. There are some incredible visuals and at a glance I’m seeing shades of everything from The Beyond to Jacob’s Ladder, all blended into something totally unique.

The Unkindness of Ravens

The film has already been shot, but donating to the Kickstarter will help finish post-production and release the film independently. Rewards for donating can get you anything from a digital copy of the movie to a custom video of yourself being killed by the creepy Raven Warriors. If physical media is your thing then a 3 disc package including Blu Ray, DVD, and a CD of the soundtrack is available with hours of extras. If the similar Lord of Tears Blu Ray is anything to go by then I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more creative and personal touches included in this release.

Check out the trailer below and take a look at the Kickstarter here. Brewster is one of the most promising up and coming horror talents that I’ve seen and I’m very excited to check out The Unkindness of Ravens when it finally hits.

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