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MFKZ Trailer is a Flare of Imaginative Visual Style

It’s been sixteen years since Guillaume “Run” Renard released the critically-acclaimed short Mutafukaz. Along with director, Shojiro Nishimi (Batman: Gotham Knight), he will expand the Mutafukaz storyline into a 94-minute, high energy feature titled MFKZ. Now, adding even more unparalleled visuals, a nod-conjuring techno score, and an all-star list of voice actors, Renard joins director Shojiro Nishimi (Batman: Gotham Knight) to expand the Mutafukaz storyline into a 94-minute, high energy feature titled MFKZ.

The trailer reintroduces us to Angelino (Kenn Michael), who bares to us his “desperate, miserable and corrupt” city, conveniently called “DMC”. His policy for living here is simple: do not ask questions and do not get involved. But riding his scooter down the street one day, he spots a beautiful girl that disrupts the rules. This one encounter sends him into a whirlwind of trouble, forcing him to evade numerous foes who have discovered that he is “special”.

Kenn Michael has resonated for almost three decades as an actor, but most recently, his performance in the video franchise Saint’s Row has increased his following. Angelino, Michael’s character in MFKZ, is often found in cahoots with Vinz, voiced by Vince Staples. Staples has also become a major presence in all entertainment realms, creating new fans with his attachment to the Grand Theft Auto video game series, films like Power Rangers and Black Panther, and television series such as Power and Atlanta. MFKZ will be the first time Staples has offered his voice to animation.

The trailer features many more notable actors. Dascha Polanco (Orange is the New Black, Joy) voices Luna, the girl that catches Angelino’s eye. Even though this is Polanco’s first time lending her voice to an animation, viewers quickly note that she is just as electrifying in front of a microphone as she has been in front of a camera. Danny Trejo (Machete, Predators) voices Bruce, the crime lord looking for Angelino; while director, producer, composer and actor RZA voices the boisterous Shakespeare. Other cast members include Giancarlo Esposito (Better Caul Saul, Breaking Bad) as Mr. K and Michael Chiklis (Shield, Gotham) as Agent Crocodile.

In 2002, director Guillaume Renard released Mutafukaz. The short film quickly garnered a following due to his unique voice, political awareness, free-spirited dialogue, and distinctive art style. Most who had seen the original still wanted more. That “more” came to reality when Renard connected with director Shojiro Nishimi. Nishimi began his animation career as an artist on Lupin III and Akira. In 2006, we witnessed his genius as the overall animation director of the critically-acclaimed Tekkonkinkreet. His other credits include Batman Beyond, Hajime no Ippo, Animaniacs and much more. With a resume like this supporting a much awaited expansion to Renard’s original creation, it’s east to see why MFKZ has generated love well before its release.

MFKZ will be released to cinemas today, October 11th. Check out the trailer below.

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