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Mr Babadook is Coming to Special Edition Blu-Ray and DVD from Scream Factory and IFC!

The Babadook - Daniel's top five 2014

We previously informed you that The Babadook had popped up for pre-order on Amazon. The online megastore had the film’s release date listed as April 14, 2015. And according to the site, Scream Factory! would be distributing the DVD in the states via a partnership with IFC. That all turned out to be true but today we have even more good news to layer on top of that!

The film’s distributors will be offering a kick-ass special edition DVD which will feature a popup slip case that is made to represent the likeness of the popup book which was prominently featured in the film. The slip cover will also bear the likeness of one of the more frightening illustrations to be featured within the picture. The special edition Blu-ray set will also offer exclusive deleted scenes and a special presentation of a short film from the director of The Babadook. A standard edition blu-ray and a standard edition DVD will also be available. You can preorder your coper of the film here.

The Babadook finds a single mother–who lost her husband in a tragic accident–dealing with a troubled child that is convinced a monster called The Babadook is responsible for his bad behavior. The young mother starts to question her own sanity when she begins to believe that The Babadook may actually be more than a figment of her child’s imagination.

The Babadook is directed by Jennifer Kent and stars Essie Davis and Daniel Henshall. It was released on VOD and to select theaters November 28, 2014.

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