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Child's Play

Blu-Ray Review: Child’s Play Deluxe Limited Edition by Scream Factory

Perhaps I mention this too much, but one more time couldn’t hurt: Child’s Play is my favorite horror film. It is one of my earliest memories of watching a horror feature, probably before I...

Carrie smiling as prom queen

Explore the Power of Carrie with Scream Factory’s New Blu-Ray

Scream Factory is a company that has been killing it over the last few years by providing excellent Blu-Ray versions of some of the best the genre has to offer. Naturally, they save their most anticip...

Exorcist III 1990

Details For Scream Factory’s Upcoming Exorcist III Director’s Cut Blu-Ray

Scream Factory have been killing it lately with a widening selection of must-own editions of classics and cult hits alike. Now, their Collector’s Edition, Director’s Cut Blu-ray set of fan favourite T...

Waxwork - Seven Movies With Unexpectedly Great Scores

Screaming for Scream Factory: Movies That Demand Collector’s Edition Blu-rays

Without a doubt, we live in a golden age of horror collecting. Movies that were barely watchable on VHS are finally getting restored, getting the treatment they deserve, but that no one could have eve...

Gravy (2015) [Advance Review]

Gravy sees a deranged clan of cannibals taking a group of restaurant employees hostage and trying to force their unusual set of sensibilities on the culinary workers. The results are…unusual to ...

The Editor is a Brilliant Giallo Throwback! [Review]

The Editor tells the story of a film editor named Rey who becomes embroiled in a complex murder mystery. The studio he is employed by is plagued with a rash of unexplained deaths and Rey is the prime ...

Sleepaway Camp II: Why Now is the Time to Make it a Cult Classic

When I saw the first Sleepaway Camp, which was a blind buy in college after hearing its reputation, I didn’t really have the option of seeing the sequels. They were out of print, but I did want to see...

One of the cult members in Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions makes fire appear out of thin air!

Why Now is the Time to Revisit Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions

Clive Barker is widely regarded as one of the all-time masters of horror. It may seem weird, considering that most of his novels have been some form of fantasy. But on screen, he has definitely earned...

The Babadook - Daniel's top five 2014

Mr Babadook is Coming to Special Edition Blu-Ray and DVD from Scream Factory and IFC!

We previously informed you that The Babadook had popped up for pre-order on Amazon. The online megastore had the film’s release date listed as April 14, 2015. And according to the site, Scream Factory...

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