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New Board Game Asks: Can You Escape the House of Possession?

House of Possession

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Crypt Monkey Studios is gearing up to release a brand new board game titled House of Possession. The premise sees a group of friends attending a dinner party at a Victorian mansion, only to discover that the owner of the house has been possessed by a malevolent spirit. The wraith tasks each of the friends with the seemingly simple challenge of escaping the home. But, that will be easier said than done, for only one group member will make it out with his or her life!

What makes House of Possession particularly interesting is that it is played in short rounds of 2-15 minutes. Each player is challenged with collecting ‘exits’ throughout the house. The first to collect ten wins. On his or her turn, each player will enter a random room in the house and draw a card from the Escape Deck. The Escape Deck contains Exits and Boons. But be careful not to get possessed! The game is suitable for 2-6 players.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a downloadable and printable or physical copy of the game, the Kickstarter campaign is still live. The print and play version of the game is available for just $7. Full physical game is available for $20. Estimated shipping for physical game box sets is $10 US and $18 worldwide.

The game is completed and Crypt Monkey expects to begin fulfillment in October of this year.

House of Possession

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