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A New Trailer for The Scarehouse Makes its Debut

The Poster for Gavin Michael Booth's The Scarehouse.
Poster for The Scarehouse.

Today the trailer for the upcoming horror film  The Scarehouse has been unleashed on the web. The film will see a limited theatrical exhibition beginning October 5th and a VOD release starting October 21st. In the meantime, come inside for your first look at this upcoming tale of terror.

The Scarehouse will stage its World Premiere in Windsor, Ontario – where the production was filmed. The premiere will take place inside a haunted attraction.

The storyline of The Scarehouse follows two sorority girls who have been rejected by their sisters. The ladies subsequently set out to take revenge on those they perceive as having wronged them. The girls put together an impressive haunted house attraction solely for the sake of enacting their revenge plot and confronting the sisters with whom they have issues. It’s anyone’s guess as to who will live and who will die.

The Scarehouse is directed by Gavin Michael Booth and co-written by Sarah Booth and Gavin Michael Booth. It stars Sarah Booth (Hemlock Grove), Kimberly-Sue Murray (Being Human), and several relative newcomers including Katherine Barrell, Teagan Vincze, and Emily Alatalo.

We will keep you in the loop as more details materialize regarding this upcoming title. In the meantime, check out the trailer and let us know what you think!



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