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Lost Time – Upcoming Horror Film

Poster for Christian Sesma's Lost Time.
Poster for Lost Time

Lost Time catches up with Valerie after she receives extremely disconcerting news during an appointment with her physician. She has terminal cancer and little time left to get her affairs in order. Valerie and her sister are on their way home from the appointment when they are confronted with a blinding light on a deserted road. The light causes Valerie to fall into a deep sleep. After awakening, she is met with the realization that her sister has been abducted. Her sisters’ abduction sets in motion a series of events that find Valerie in serious danger.

Lost Time is directed by Christian Sesma (On Bloody Sunday) and written by Sesma, Kenneth Owens, and Rochelle Vallese. Lost Time marks the first feature script for both Vallese and Owens. The film stars a series of familiar faces from previous genre film appearances, including: Rochelle Vallese (Scar), Luke Goss (Blade II), and Robert Davi (Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence).

The film contains elements from the sci-fi, thriller, and horror genres. It is headed for VOD September 19th, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.

Director(s): Christian Sesma
Writer(s): Christian Sesma, Kenneth Owens, and Rochelle Vallese
Stars: Rochelle Vallese, Luke Goss, and Robert Davi
Release: September 19th (VOD)
Studio/ Production Co:  Gravitas Ventures
Budget: Unknown
Language: English
Sub-Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller

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