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Notorious Hull House Open on Friday 13th!

Haunted house dubbed the Hostel

Hull haunted House owner Andy Yates.

Believed to be one of Britain’s most haunted houses, 39 De Grey Street, is set to open its doors to ghost enthusiasts for a night of creepy fun. Dubbed “The Hostel”, the house is so terrifying that no-one will live in the property, with the longest tenant lasting just four days.

Owner Andy Yates, 39, who has lived in the house by himself, has also experienced paranormal behavior, although he was a complete non-believer in anything ghostly. Upon walking downstairs one day he found steak knives balanced on plates in the drying rack, also claiming that once when he was in the house alone, he saw a child’s shadow come out of the fireplace and hover for about fifteen minutes. The child only disappeared when Yates plucked up the courage to move.

39 Grey Street Haunted House.Speaking about the experience of previous tenants, Mr Yates reported to trying to rent the house out but she was unable to maintain a tennant for more than four days at a time. Some people couldn’t return after measuring the house up for furniture. A woman who had lived there previously contacted Yates on Facebook after seeing the listing, explaining she had been dragged out of bed by an evil force, only to be told off by the police when they turned up, believing it all to be hoax.

The Haunted house in Hull will be open for a night on Friday 13th.Clairvoyant medium Jolene Lockwood has described the house as “horrific” after paying it a visit. She reported sensing the presence of an evil entity and a child. Along with her business partner Clare Burrows, Ms Lockwood says she discovered a sinister force in the back bedroom after hearing growling and feeling the presence of an aggressive man.

The haunted hallway of on of Hulls most haunted homes.The home in Hull, East Yorkshire, which has been empty for almost a decade thanks to reports of mysterious goings-on, has since had ghostly faces appearing at its windows leading to police break-ins. And now, those brave enough, and over 18, can sleep over at ‘The Hostel’ on Friday, May 13, 2016. Tickets cost £65 each–and sleeping bags and warm clothes are required. You can find out more by clicking here.

No entry signs in the Hull haunted house property.According to local Hull historian Mike Covell, “The Hostel” has stiff competition for the title of Hull’s most haunted. Covell has spent many years investigating Hull’s dark history, and says that, despite extensive research he has been unable to find anything in the property’s past to back up the reports.

The earliest mention of the property Covell found was in Atkinson’s Trade Directory of Hull, dated 1888, featuring a man named Lee James at the property who built and renovated church organs. Covell found the building’s history to be unremarkable, stating that he had managed to trace several people who resided at the property and none of them had reported any activity.

However, ghost-hunters from Phantasmic Paranormal believe the problems with the property may date back much further to 1840. Why don’t you decide for yourself and get house haunting on Friday 13th?

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