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Noteworthy Paranormal Investigators in Horror

Who can you turn to when you are attacked by someone—or something—that you cannot see? Experiencing paranormal phenomena can be detrimental to a person’s health, especially if they don’t have anyone to help. Fear of ridicule and embarrassment may hold a person back from seeking assistance against the supernatural. But it is important to know that there are people out there who understand what you are going through.Paranormal investigators, mediums, psychics and the like know exactly what you are dealing with, and they can help.

Since there is no directory specializing in the supernatural, Wicked Horror has sorted through the inexperienced paranormal investigators and experts alike to provide you a comprehensive list showcasing the best of the best. These are the supernatural sleuths you need by your side when the devil comes knocking at your door.

Claire and Luke of The Innkeepers
If you’re looking for a good deal on newer, but totally likeable paranormal investigators, Claire and Luke would be a great choice. Sure, they talk a lot (as people often do), and they sometimes make poor decisions like going into haunted basements, but you have to learn somehow, right? These two are basically entry-level ghost hunters who just need to build up some résumé experience before they can join the big timers. If you’re desperate for any type of help and willing to allow newbies to perfect their craft, this pair makes a great team. [Spoiler Alert] If you’ve seen the film, you know that Claire’s services may be difficult to secure, since she kicks the bucket at the end but this list would feel incomplete without her. [End Spoilers]

the innkeepers

Tucker and Specs from Insidious
Tucker and Specs are assistants to the much more paranormally-gifted, Elise Rainer, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable as paranormal investigators. They’re like the administrative assistants of the paranormal world; they keep the investigation in order, they take notes, and they help the medium with anything she may need. Specs is a talented artist that helps give a visual of the invisible entities that are effecting your house, while Tucker is great with equipment and stumbling onto important information. If you need extra help for your home haunting, these guys will bring the investigation up a notch.

Insidious - Tucker and SpecsStevie from The Pact
While Stevie is a little unconventional, to say the least, she has an undeniable connection to the dead. Her ability to see spirits can be beneficial for anyone with questions about their haunted home. She may not be able to give you all the answers you need, but she can provide you with important information and point you into the right direction. Sure, she has to go into compulsions and almost die a little each time she does so, but if she’s willing to help, why not? Her clairvoyance is perfect for a situation where communicating with the dead is necessary, but because she is so frail, she might not be suitable for particularly severe cases.

stevie the pactSam Oliver of Reaper 
Sam Oliver’s soul may belong to the Devil, and he may have been forced into a position as a bounty hunter for Hell, but he’s damn good at catching escaped evil spirits. Yes, he and his friends can be dumb and may be prone to slacking off at times, but they always get the job done—and look good doing it. While he mostly specializes in very specific types of cases, his compassion and selflessness would likely compel him to help anyone in need. You’d just have to run it by Satan first.

sam reaperSam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural 
Sam and Dean Winchester were born into the “family business” of hunting the supernatural. These paranormal investigators learned everything from their father, John, and have always worked to successfully ward off things like ghosts, vampires, werewolves and more. Oh, and they’re really, really good looking. If you are being haunted, possessed, or chased by invisible Hell Hounds, chances are that these brothers know exactly how to handle the situation. They’re well-read on all things paranormal, they know how to fight anything they’re up against, and saving people is kind of their thing. Whether you are being haunted, or you just need some eye candy, the Winchesters are one of the best teams in the paranormal field.

sam and dean supernaturalAllison DuBois of Medium
Some law enforcement professionals will utilize any and all options to solve a case. For the Phoenix District Attorney’s office, their secret weapon is psychic medium, Allison Dubois. Dubois has extraordinary abilities that allow her to communicate with the dead and she can see both past and future events. DuBois uses her terrifying dreams to help solve numerous police investigations, all while raising her three young daughters and dealing with skeptics. While she may not be an expert at exorcising demons or cleansing homes of unwanted spirits, she does have the ability to provide you with vital information that might just save your life.

Medium DVD Patricia Arquette Sandoval Cubitt WeberTangina Barrons from Poltergeist (1982)
We have all heard the phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover,” and never has that been more true than in the case of psychic medium Tangina Barrons. Standing at 4 foot 3 with wide-brimmed glasses, a low soft-spoken voice, and unassuming physical appearance, it’s easy to write off Barrons as someone who couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag, let alone ward off a beastly demon. But despite her looks, Barrons can hold her own against evil spirits and help save your family and home. She’s gifted, intelligent, and confident in her abilities. Her fearlessness allows her to stand up against hauntings, poltergeists, and demons, and her presence will give you the confidence you need to fight for your home.

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poltergeistThe Ghostbusters from Ghostbusters I and II
These guys ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Except for maybe like one time. But, they are smart, creative, and know how to take advantage of a haunted city in need of parapsychologists! The team opens up a paranormal extermination service called “Ghostbusters” just as paranormal activity becomes prevalent in New York City. The group of paranormal investigators eventually save the city from the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, and instantly become heroes. While they may be booking far out due to their popularity, they are definitely worth the wait if you come across haunted paintings of evil 16th century tyrants who try to possess your small child.

ghostbustersElise Rainer from Insidious
Not only is Elise Rainer a gifted psychic, but she is also extremely loyal. She helped her friend Lorraine Lambert when her son Josh was plagued by an evil entity as a child, and offered her services again years later when Josh’s son began experiencing similar symptoms. Her ability to see things on the other side, as well as understand and communicate with the dead, makes her stand out amongst her peers. Her calm nature and soothing voice—even in the face of a demon—literally helps put individuals in a trance and projects them to another world. Rainer’s experience and confidence shine through in her investigations, and her success rate is high enough that she probably has a waiting list a mile long.

Insidious lin shayeEd and Lorraine Warren of The Conjuring
The Warrens are like the heavyweight champions of the paranormal. Ed is a demonologist and Lorraine is clairvoyant. Together they’re an unstoppable duo of paranormal investigators. They’ve seen it all: Possessed dolls, haunted houses, and much more. They’ve investigated serious hauntings like The Amityville Horror, The Haunting in Connecticut, and the Perron family in The Conjuring. They even have an entire room filled with possessed objects from their infamous cases—because they like to live dangerously (or something like that). This couple is no joke; they took the paranormal seriously and even educated others on what existed in the world. Plus, they truly loved one another, and that’s totally adorable. The real life Ed Warren died several years ago but Lorraine is still among the living.

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the conjuring ed and lorraine warren

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