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Penny Dreadful Season 3 Promises New Thrills

Penny Dreadful - Best of Horror on TV in 2015


Penny Dreadful is an example of horror television done exceptionally well. The much-anticipated third season will premiere Sunday, May 1 at 10pm ET/PT on SHOWTIME, on demand, and online. Based on the newly released trailer, most of our favorite characters will be returning in potentially surprising ways. Perhaps most exciting for some fans of the series, Tony Award-winning star Patti LuPone will be returning. The actress guest starred in season 2 as the Cut-Wife and is due for a dramatic character shift. This season she will play Dr. Seward, an American therapist who will be treating Vanessa with an unconventional new approach to therapy. Also joining the cast will be Wes Studi. He’ll play the role of Kaetenay, a Native American with a connection to Ethan.

Even more exciting is the promise that Season 3 will introduce Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Henry Jekyll. (Who doesn’t love more classic literary characters in their horror?) The overarching theme in this trailer, and presumably the season, is the idea that the world is falling into darkness. Although we see a recurring trope (Ms. Ives is being tormented by some creature) raises the question of what new horrors await viewers as the end of days nears.

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