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Real Horrors: Reflecting on Jack Ketchum Adaptations

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What makes someone a horror legend? Stephen King once said that Jack Ketchum was the scariest man in America. I think we could all agree such a compliment does indeed cement a legendary status. This month marks what would have been the late author’s 77th birthday. Ketchum’s visceral works of fiction have been the topic of both controversy and celebration among horror fans for decades. In this article, we reflect on the cinematic adaptations of Jack Ketchum’s work. As well as celebrate the legacy of the legendary splatterpunk author.

Writing under the name Jack Ketchum, Dallas Mayr would transcend the horror genre for many years. For example, Jack would often find inspiration in true crime stories. One such story would become the focus for arguably his most well-known novel, The Girl Next Door. This controversial tome was inspired by the chilling case of Silvia Likens. The story would eventually be adapted for the screen by Gregory Wilson. The brutal torture inflicted upon the main character would disturb audiences with the horrors inherent to human nature

When we think of horror we typically think of monsters, ghosts, and demons. Jack Ketchum would give us all something different to be afraid of. Ketchum’s works often looked at everyday life and dredged up horror lurking beneath the surface. The perfect lives of everyday people could be disrupted by the worst horrors of all time. These horrors were not of the supernatural type. Instead, they were the humankind.

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Ketchum could tap into everyday fears with a story like Offspring. Of course, this novel would also receive a film adaptation. In Offspring, the character of the savage Woman leads her clan of cannibals. The bloodthirsty offspring prey on an unsuspecting family by invading their home and stealing their baby. Offspring would receive both a novel and a film sequel. Both were titled The Woman. In this sequel, the Woman is captured by a sadistic man who pretends to be a pillar of his community. However, it is not long before the woman gets her bloody revenge.

Sadly, we lost the legend himself in 2018. But his work lives on, shocking and drawing in new readers every day. Horror fans continue to reflect on Jack Ketchum adaptations. For any horror fanatic looking for something different, Jack’s work is guaranteed to satisfy.  

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