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New Red Band Trailer for Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

Poster for Sion Sono's Why Don't You Play in Hell.
Why Don't You Play in Hell Poster.

The upcoming action/grindhouse/revenge/thriller Why Don’t You Play in Hell has just released a brand new red band trailer. We have your first look at the gory, stabby, preview of the film after the break. So head inside for your first look! 

Keep an eye out for our review of this title which will be going live on the site later this week.

Why Don’t You Play in Hell? is being distributed by Drafthouse and is directed and written by visionary director Sion Sono. Why Don’t You Play in Hell is being described as a Tarantino-esque ode to the films of yore that features an over-the-top finale for the ages. It is scheduled to hit select theaters November 7th. Keep an eye out for our review which will go live the week of the film’s November 7th release.

Official Plot Synopsis: There’s a war going on, but that won’t stop the inexperienced but eager wannabe film crew The F**k Bombers from following their dreams of making the ultimate action epic. Ten years ago, yakuza mid-boss Ikegami led an assault against rival don Muto. Now, on the eve of his revenge, all Muto wants to do is complete his masterpiece, a feature film with his daughter in the starring role, before his wife is released from prison. And The F**k Bombers are standing by with the chance of a lifetime: to film a real, live yakuza battle to the death…on 35mm!


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