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Stream the New Found Footage Film ‘The Grove’ For a Good Cause!

Wicked Horror TV and POV Horror are proud to be the debut digital platform for Futures Explored’s film The Grove. When his girlfriend dies under suspicious circumstances a man called Larry takes matters into his own hands and sets off on his own investigation, only to find that evil forces are at play. With a camera-wielding friend by his side, Larry carefully makes his way through the infamous Grove Hotel to answer the important question; What really happened to Sarah?

This film was produced by Futures Explored Film & Media Studio, a film school for adults with developmental disabilities. Per Futures-Explored.com, “Our story began on January 6, 1964 in Lafayette, California, with a small group of young adults, their parents, and the founding Director, Helen Young. At that time we were called the “Enterprise.” The group included six individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who made hand-crafted items for sale and the program was staffed mostly by volunteer parents. At the time, there were few, if any, programs and services for adults with developmental disabilities. Decades later, we are proud of the impact we’ve made on thousands of lives across Northern California.” Almost all of the proceeds from this film are going back to support the school and its future projects. If you want to make a donation of your own to this incredible charity, please visit their donation page.

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Rob Livings, Production coordinator at Futures Explored Film & Media Studio, had this to say about working on the set of The Grove, “The Grove gave our students a lot of independence, and I’m very proud of what they achieved. The great thing with found footage is that the crew are often cast in the film, so on this shoot for a majority of it, the crew were filming independently without being shadowed by instructors. Instead, they would film while anybody not in the scene hid, and then we would review the footage afterwards. It allowed for additional creative freedom, and it was clear to see how much fun everybody was having. It was so amazing watching the students run around in a haunted hotel making a horror movie, using skills they learned at Futures Explored.”

The Grove will be available on Wicked Horror TV and POV Horror on June 9th. It will also be made available on major digital platforms worldwide later this summer. Check out the trailer below!

POV Horror LLC is a found footage horror film distribution company and video on demand streaming app 100% dedicated to found footage horror films.  The app is available on Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, iOS, Google TV/Mobile, and web. POV Horror is a wholly owned subsidiary of PlayNowMedia LLC, a niche-genre VOD/OTT streaming app company with more than 50 VOD brands and 300+ apps, including Wicked Horror TV, Trashy Horror Movies, Bigfoot TV, Classic Horror Movie Channel, Retro Horror Movies, and many others. Futures Explored is a non-profit vocational film school and studio for adults with developmental disabilities in Northern California. Across our three sites in Sacramento, Stockton and Livermore we have over 100 students who learn the filmmaking process daily, from pre-production through to post-production.

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