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Mike Mendez’s New Film Lavalantula is Headed for SyFy

Poster for Mike Mendez's Lavalantula.
Poster for Lavalantula.

Fans of director Mike Mendez and fire-breathing arachnid enthusiasts have much cause to rejoice. It was just announced that Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider) will be directing the ‘currently-in-produciton’ title Lavalantula. The film – not surprisingly – is being made for a premiere on the SyFy network.

Lavalantula will star Steve Gutenberg as a past-his-prime ’90s action star. Fellow Police Academy alumni Leslie Easterbrooks and Michael Winslow will star alongside Gutenberg. The trio works together in an attempt to save LA from being burned to the ground by pyromaniac arachnids. Nia Peeples will also make an appearance in the film.

Lavalantula‘s tongue-in-cheek tagline purports: “Fire Burns, Lava Bites” With Mendez attached to the project, it’s bound to be a good time. He undoubtedly comprehends the ridiculous nature of the premise and is likely to use that to his advantage in delivering a satirical but still ridiculous good time.

In Lavalantula, a gaggle of fire-spewing arachnids erupt from a volcano in southern California. After making their debut, the flame-breathing spiders go on the warpath and attempt to take over Los Angeles.

If you’re excited about this one, you’ll have to be patient. The premiere date is still quite a ways out: It is set to debut on the SyFy network in Summer of 2015.

Director(s): Mike Mendez
Stars: Steve Gutenberg, Leslie Easterbrooks
Year: 2015
Language: English
Sub-Genre:Disaster Film, Creature Feature

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