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‘Green Inferno’ Delayed Indefinitely

The Green Inferno

Bad news for fans of the directorial efforts of Eli Roth. His latest film The Green Inferno has been delayed indefinitely. Deadline reports that the distributor has removed the film from its release calendar. It was previously scheduled for a nationwide theatrical release on September 5th. But the film’s ultimate fate is currently unknown. There is a possibility that it may even go direct-to-DVD. Worldview Entertainment (the film’s financier) is taking issue with their former CEO’s commitment to provide $3.7 million for Prints and Advertising and without that funding in place, the fate of The Green Inferno hangs in the balance.

This development will likely complicate the planned sequel (Beyond the Green Inferno) which according to IMDb pro is still in the script stage.

This marks Roth’s first feature film outing since Hostel Part II. But the wait seems to be worth it. The Green Inferno has been garnering primarily positive reviews on the festival circuit. It currently sits at a 77% fresh rating on the aggregate film rating site Rotten Tomatoes.

Deadline speculates that there are negotiations going on behind the scenes and that there is a reasonable chance that the film may still enjoy a nationwide theatrical release down the road.

We will keep you apprised when more details inevitably roll in on this project. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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