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Will Jason’s Dad Appear In New Friday The 13th?

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At this stage, it probably feels like we know everything we possibly could about Jason Voorhees. When last we met him, Jason was a pot farmer, mad at those damn kids for encroaching upon his crops (a move which suggested that even the most intrepid filmmakers were really running out of ideas for what to do with the character). However, in an interview with The Reel World, Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller suggested there was yet more of Jason’s origin story to be told. He explained that the upcoming Friday The 13th reboot is “a little bit different from what you’ve seen before”, and we now know that Pamela Voorhees’ origin story will be dealt with, which provides a certain, mildly interesting spin.

Likewise, although a director is still forthcoming, the script for the upcoming flick is being written by Prisoners‘ Aaron Guzikowksi, which could be an oddly perfect fit for the material. That instant-classic of Not Quite Horror showcased a real understanding of escalating tension, fear and suspense that should bode well for Friday The 13th, so there may be hope for this new reboot after all.

Birth Movies Death’s Devin Faraci reckons there’s another, major reason to be excited, too, confirming in a post on the site that sources close to the production revealed the script also includes Jason’s never-before-seen dad, Elias. As Faraci explains, Elias’s inclusion isn’t that crazy a concept as he almost featured in Jason Lives and was referenced in Jason Goes To Hell, which introduced Jason’s half-sister. Further to this, Faraci also notes he featured heavily in Friday The 13th: Pamela’s Tale, a comic book origin story for Jason’s mother, which saw her chop his dad into pieces for abusing her.

If nothing else, at least Elias provides a further new spin on an otherwise tired old story. And the script is in good hands with Guzikowksi, which is a big help for a movie that is, essentially, just another reboot right now.

Original director David Bruckner is reportedly still the studio’s first choice to helm when the project finally gets off the ground, but he is no longer attached in any official capacity. As of the most recent round of updates, the release date for the movie was moved to January 13, 2017. We’ll keep you informed on the story as it develops.

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