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World War Z Sequel Finds an Unlikely Director

the fast paced zombies of World War Z reviewed by Nic Odeku

Wicked Horror has just learned that a somewhat unlikely director is being considered to direct the long-gestated World War Z 2. Variety is reporting that David Fincher (who is a frequent Brad Pitt collaborator) is in talks with Pitt (who will be reprising his role from the original, as well as producing), Paramount and Skydance to potentially helm the second installment in the World War Z franchise. Pitt reportedly met with several other directors but the outlet is suggesting that Fincher is the number one contender to helm. The project is expected to begin production in the beginning 2017.

To me, Fincher seems an unlikely choice as he seems to usually be drawn to darker, and often more intellectual projects. And he has been fairly outspoken about his disdain for sequels (as was evidenced through his involvement with Alien 3). But seeing as how he collaborated with Pitt on Fight Club, Se7en, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it’s not entirely surprising to see that the two are interested in re-teaming.

Juan Antonio Bayona was previously set to helm the project but was recently tapped to direct the follow up to Jurassic World, instead. World War Z 2 was previously announced for a June 9, 2017 release but after losing its director, it is very likely that the picture will be bumped for a release sometime in 2018.

Last we heard, Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) had been tapped to script the film. Plot details are scarce at this point, other than that the film will take place in the midst of a zombie outbreak and Pitt will reprise his role as Gerry Lane. The project’s IMDb page lists Cristian Lazar as the only other cast member. His role is credited as ‘French Soldier’.  

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