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XLrator Media Picks Up Killer Truck Film Wrecker at AFM

A Still from Michael Bafaro's Wrecker.

A Still from Michael Bafaro's Wrecker.

XLrator Media has reached out to share the news that they have acquired US distribution rights to the film Wrecker at the American Film Market. The picture is now in postproduction. IndustryWorks Pictures is also in on the deal. They will be handling the film’s Canadian distribution. Previous efforts from IndustryWorks include The Soska Sisters’ American Mary.

Wrecker will feature performances from Anna Hutchison (The Cabin in the Woods) and Drea Whitburn. The film is directed by Michael Bafaro. Evan Tylor, John Curtis and Don Knodel are serving as producers on the vehicular horror effort. The film is being described by producers as a modern genre film that will also pay tribute to the horror classics of yesteryear.

Wrecker revolves around best friends Lesley and Emily as they set out on a road trip – destined for a music festival in the depths of the desert. Before the ladies take off, they abscond with a Mustang that doesn’t exactly belong to them. It’s all fun and games at first but the young women begin to fear for their lives when they notice that they are being followed by a semi driver who makes them play a sadistic game of chicken. The girls wind up in a fight for their very survival and must outsmart the psychopath pursuing them if they have any hope of making it through their excursion.

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