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Comic Review: Godzilla in Hell 2

Godzilla in Hell #2 is the first comic featuring the giant that I’ve read in recent years, but it lived up to all of my expectations. In the first panel Bob Eggleton describes the creature’s descent into Hell as a journey rather than a destination which contradicts the way we traditionally think of it. The narration encourages readers to not think of this story as the end, but as a test that the monster must overcome. To what end? We can’t know yet, but based on this issue it will be a wild ride!

In Hell there are indestructible cities and lost, possessed effigies of kaiju. The first example Eggleton presents us with is a distant Rodan, the flying creature which was initially released in the 1956 film of the same name. The monster appeared in Godzilla lore as Fire Rodan in the 1993 movie, Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla 2. The version we’re presented with here is very bird-like, and it immediately approaches and attacks Godzilla.

The artwork in this issue is beautiful. Each panel looks like a painting more than traditional comic art which is refreshing and enjoyable, especially for those of us who don’t require too much from our kaiju media. (Special effects/appearance was never a high priority growing up, but I appreciate the added benefit.) The only problem I had with this issue is how short it was. It felt as though I started getting into the story just as it ended. With that being said, the artwork is definitely not to be missed, and what Godzilla fan could resist the opportunity to see the creature fight off some of its most fierce foes?

I’m only rating this 5.5, but if they release a trade version with all of the Godzilla in Hell comics in one volume I will definitely be picking it up. It’s too gorgeous to miss having in my collection. If you aren’t as patient as I am, you can check out Godzilla in Hell #2 in your local comic shop on or after August 28th, 2015.


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