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Top Scary Masks Of Horror Cinema

Friday the 13th Jason - Scary Masks in Horror

Any good horror movie villain needs a mask, right? A good mask can transform someone from “strange” to “scary”, as hiding someone’s face creates extra tension and fear. Usually, the idea is that it’s what lurks underneath the mask that’s scary, but a good horror movie mask is frightening in its own right. Masks have been a staple within horror cinema for decades and here we look at just some of our favorites (look out for a later list too!). Let us know your favorite scary mask in the comments box provided below!


That deadpan William Shatner stare is one stare you definitely do not want to bump into. Standing in doorways, hallways and dark roads near you on Halloween, you can run but can’t hide from the Myers.

The halloween franchise villain who wears that deadpan starey mask.


There is nothing scarier than the unknown in which The Strangers prove more than once. A sack mask in a suit is toilet inducing material, but accompanied by two women in a creepy doll mask and a pin up mask is Unthinkable. Do.Not.Answer.The.Door.

Three masked assailants taught and tease a couple within a remote cabin and end up stabbing them to death.


The chilling chainsaw wielding maniac who wants to make the most out of your face. And your body parts. The Sawyer family will welcome you for dinner but the furniture isn’t too comfortable.

Leatherface. The popular Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie directed by Tobe Hooper.


Rocking one of the most memorable masks in horror film history, Jason Voorhees is one bad mother who just keeps tearing up those teens again and again. Stay away from Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th Jason


If the Government ever state that all crimes are now legal, do not think you are safe locking yourself away in your home. He may be sweet but the Polite leader and his not-so-merry at times gang are not ones you want to let in during a crisis.

The manic gang in the movie the purge starring ethan hawke.


It’s those glowing eyes that are the most effective in The Collectors zip-up leather mask. That, and the in-house games that intend to try and rip you to pieces. Or that, instead of the games he’ll want to keep you forever in his house of horrors

The movie poster for the film The Collector directed by Marcus Dunstan.


Simple, scary and effective. The mask that launched a Halloween costume for life. If you’re into horror you’d have a nice chat about scary movies before they intend to kill you with a big kitchen knife. One of the worst, and last, phone calls ever!

The famous ghostface killer in the scream movie franchise.


The one who will take you to the Jigsaw Puppets many death games. Bad little piggy. It’s your choice of course if you live or die but you might have to chop your arm off or the like to survive though. Great.

The collector for the games in the Saw franchise, the pig masked villain.


I know Tigers are beasts and foxes can be a little sinister at times but what’s with the killer lambs? In You’re Next any one of these animals signals terrifying danger. I hope you can handle a shotgun.


Like kids aren’t creepy enough, ones that secretly reside in an Orphanage with a potato sack on their head enter into the “run like hell away from” category. But Tomas wants a friend.

The Orphanage Thomas

Which mask from the above list (or not), do you find the scariest? Let us know in the comments box provided below!

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