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Another WolfCop is a Howling Good Time! [DVD Review]

Another WolfCop

Another WolfCop sees Lou Garou back for another round of alcohol-induced, lycanthropic crime fighting. Limbs will fly and arterial spray is the order of the day. In this second outing, Lou and the other members of his precinct must match wits with an evil corporation with sinister designs on the city of Woodhaven.

Another WolfCop is the kind of sequel you can go into blind. If you haven’t seen the first film, you should check it out because it’s a great deal of fun but there’s really no need to see it for contextual reasons.

The majority of the core cast from the first film is back and I couldn’t be more pleased. Leo Fafard was brilliant in the titular role the first time around and he had terrific onscreen chemistry with Amy Matysio, and Jonathan Cherry. So, it was a real pleasure to see the three of them reprising their roles for the franchise’s long-awaited second outing.

Speaking of casting: Kevin Smith has a cameo as the mayor. And it’s as if the part was tailor made for him. The Red State director doesn’t have a ton of screen time but he makes the most of every scene in which he appears. You can read more about Smith’s involvement in our exclusive interview with writer/director Lowell Dean right here.

The second installment in the WolfCop series is loaded with memorable dialogue. It’s almost like a nonstop barrage of one liners. But, surprisingly, it never gets old. That is thanks, in large part, to Lowell Dean’s smart and often zany script. He takes the absurdity of the first installment and manages to match or even beat the ludicrous nature of the previous outing.

Like in the original, the gore is over the top and absolutely outrageous. There are an almost innumerable quantity of severed limbs, decapitations, impalements, and rounds of arterial spray. If it’s gore you seek, there is more than enough on display in this balls-to-the-wall sequel to keep you happy.

Another selling point for me was the killer soundtrack. The film has tons of great songs by Shooting Guns and even features ‘The Electric Lou Garou’ in its outrageous and way over-the-top denouement. The soundtrack is available on vinyl from One Way Static Records.

With all that said, my favorite thing about Another WolfCop is that Lowell Dean isn’t afraid to embrace the bizarre and his cast is willing and ready to go along for the ride. It’s obvious that this was a fun movie to make and that makes it an incredibly fun movie to watch. Nothing is off limits and nothing is out of bounds. Dean isn’t trying to make the next great cinematic overture, he’s just trying to have fun and entertain his audience. And in that, he succeeds at every turn.

Another WolfCop is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Make haste to check it out for yourself. If you enjoyed the first, you will undoubtedly have a great time with this second outing.


Director(s): Lowell Dean
Writer(s): Lowell Dean
Stars: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, and Jonathan Cherry
Release: July 3, 2018
Studio/ Production Co: RLJ Entertainment
Language: English
Length: 82-Minutes
Sub-Genre: Horror-Comedy

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