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Fear Street Rentals Brings the Horror Trilogy to Life [Event Review]

Fear Street Rentals is a pop-up horror immersive experience that brings the slasher trilogy to life and takes you back in time to Shadyside in 1994, 1978, and 1666.

Fear Street is a film series based on the R.L. Stine novels for young adults. Riddled with jump scares and great photo opportunities, the immersive experience is a creative event that captures the terror of the Fear Street films. 

Inside the 90’s video store, you are greeted by two creepy clerks who ask, “Do you have your video rental card?” Continuing on with this nostalgic flair, you’re able to sign-up on a 90’s computer for your new video rental card with your email (hint: they send your less than flattering scare-photos later which makes for a good laugh). 

After signing up, you’re told to walk through the video store and you’re handed a flashlight to guide you through the rest of the store accompanied with ominous music and a darkened room.

Upon entering the camp sleeping quarters of 1978, a perky counselor guides you through the cabin as your flashlight lights up eerie phrases scrawled around the room. After intense flashes of light, the camp counselor is grabbed and taken away by a masked man. Overwhelmed with excitement and fear, I stood frozen and watched. I know, I’m not good under pressure. 

Continuing into 1666, you are brought to a church with a demonic-like pastor with black eyes who is preaching a psychotic sermon. Probably the scariest point in the exhibit, he recites cryptic phrases that grow in their intensity as the rows of pews and room shake! It’s a fun jump scare and great way to end the exhibit.  

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Although it takes awhile to enter, it’s a great, intimate adventure for the group you enter with as it’s not overly crowded and definitely worth the wait. It’s short and fast-paced but an enjoyable event and will be an entertaining experience for fans and for anyone who enjoys the thrill of being scared. 

The pop up will be open and available to the public through July 20th. For more information, visit: FearStreetRentals.com. 

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