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Inkubus is Worth a Look if You Have Nothing Better to Do [Review]

A rural police station is put to the test when an ages old specter strolls in with a severed head in hand. The wraith soon proves that he is just getting started. He uses a variety of deceptive means to bend the locals to his will. He has an appetite for destruction and nothing can stand in his way. The small town police department will have to allocate all of its resources to attempting to stop this ghostly creature before he decimates the population.

Inkubus is an independent film that was made on a nonexistent budget. But in spite of its budgetary constraints, it still has some aspects that work. The production values are not bad for how small the budget was. My main complaint on that end is that some of the camerawork is a little bit choppy. However, with the limited budgetary funds allocated to the production, I think the end result is not that bad. I am willing to forgive some shortcoming with the cinematography based on the film’s limited budget.

Glenn Ciano (Infected) co-wrote the script and directed this horror-thriller. His screenplay is somewhat inventive. It features an interesting antagonist. And the storyline occasionally explores new territory. The film does not rely that heavily on jump scares. It also avoids a lot of the overused clichés. It opts instead for a series of brutal kills and a vengeful antagonist.

This film is suspenseful at times. The killing starts early on in the picture and continues throughout the remainder. The kills are usually well timed, keeping the viewer engaged for most of the feature. There’s very little downtime.

The gore effects are not terrible and the body count is somewhat high. The effects are done practically rather than with the use of CGI.

Robert Englund is pretty good in the titular role. He is the best thing about the film. His character is different than Fred Krueger. But Englund brings some of the same charisma to the role that he brought to Freddy. Inkubus is pure evil and less jovial than Freddy. Englund conveys a level of intensity that brings the character to life. Fans of Englund will likely appreciate his performance.

Inkubus has a decent body count and a reasonable performance from Robert Englund. It is nothing to write home about but it has its moments. Inkubus is currently available on DVD and as of this posting it is also available to stream on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it, it has its moments. But keep your expectations low.


Director(s): Glenn Ciano
Writer(s): Carl Dupre´, Glenn Ciano
Stars: Robert Englund, Joey Fatone
Year: 2011
Studio/ Production Co: Woodhaven Production Company
Budget: Unknown
Language: English
Length: 80 Minutes
Sub-Genre: Supernatural/Slasher

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