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Advance Review- Le Fear 2: Le Sequel

The movie Le Fear 2: Le Sequel

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Le Fear 2: Le Sequel is the low-budget sequel to Jason Croot’s movie Le Fear. It’s a comedy-horror mockumentary film within a film about the horrors of making a horror movie, minus the horror.

Director Carlos Revalos (Kyri Saphiris – X-Men: First Class) is desperate to get the financing for his next big budget motion picture called Le Fear 2: Le Sequel and gets support from financier Dirk Heinz (Andrew Tierman – 300: Rise of an Empire). Dirk claims he has connections in Nollywood and persuades Carlos with a less than thought out, though slightly attractive deal to get his feature made.

However once Carlos, his French cameraman Jacques (Hadrien Mekki) and script editor Chafarafa (Jason Croot- Director of Le Fear) turn up at the less than desirable film set, it is evident that things are doomed from the get go. Dirk has hired Efi Womonbongo; a Nigerian faux film producer who has connections to a film lot (which turns out to be an RV), and insists he knows what he’s doing even though it’s obvious he has no clue. He brings in his personal FX woman, Africa (Roxy Sternberg – It’s A Lot), who claims to have worked on “Avatar”, though it quickly becomes apparent that this is also a lie.

Le Fear 2 lacked some creativity with it’s comedy as the ‘movie making’ jokes were continually repeated, and I found myself getting bored because of that. When Carlos and crew were shooting a scene it would be going well only for a silly effect to ruin the shot. This happened a few times and I expected it the first time, got a bit tired by the second but by the third I was nearly falling asleep. I did, however, like this idea of showing how difficult it is to create a movie as those that have worked on a film set will most certainly recognize the frustrations inherent in the film making business.

My biggest irritation within the movie is the backbone of Carlos who is in serious debt in an effort to make his “Summer Blockbuster” but fails to take control of the production from the start and allows his eccentric international crew to take over and sabotage the film. I wanted to shake him. Though Kyri Saphiris who plays Carlos does give a solid performance portraying him.

The best thing Croot has going for him in Le Fear 2 is a cast with some talent. They give performances much better than you would expect from a low-budget film like this, in particular characters Efi, Africa and the horny Australian make-up artist Queenie, (Victoria Hopkins – Doghouse) providing most of the laughs for me.

Overall, Le Fear 2: Le Sequel had potential but I personally feel it could have been a far more enjoyable film if the script was more probable. (Even for a horror comedy.)

Le Fear 2: Le Sequel is set for release in the UK on April 11th 2015.

WICKED RATING: 3.5/10  [usr 3.5]

Title: Le Fear 2: Le Sequel


Director: Jason Croot
Writer(s): Jason Croot
Stars: Andrew Tiernan, Hadrien Mekki, Jason Croot
Year: 2015
Studio/ Production Co: Foreshore Films, Hill Roberts Films, Jcp
Budget:  (unknown)
Language: English
Length: 90 Minutes
Sub-Genre: Horror Comedy

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