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Synchronic is Sci-Fi with Strong Dramatic Elements [Review]


If given the choice between a horror or science fiction film, nine times out of ten, I’ll select the horror flick without hesitation. However, there are certain sci-fi titles that catch my attention immediately. Synchronic is one such example.

I need a story that will both thrill me and create emotional investment. Synchronic was a pleasant surprise, as I was expecting something completely different based on the synopsis, and my own pre-conceived notions of what constitutes science fiction. While this is a sci-fi thriller, it has tones of emotional horror and drama that I think will resonate with many viewers.

In the film, we follow the story of two friends, New Orleans paramedics, Steve (Anthony Mackie) and Dennis (Jamie Dornan). At the beginning, we’re given a glimpse of the effects of the drug known as Synchronic as the two men are called to the scene of an apparent overdose.

Initially, Steve and Dennis are merely witnesses to the drug’s influence. As the film progresses, things take on a more personal aspect. Dennis’s daughter goes missing in relation to the drug, and Steve digs deeper into how Synchronic works in his attempt to help find the missing girl.


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The beginning sequences in Synchronic provide just enough information to hook the viewer. We’re given a glimpse into the exotic yet dangerous effects of the drug. This part of the story then takes a backseat as we learn more about the main characters. The viewer gets to know Steve and Dennis through a series of interactions.

Dennis comes off as the typical “family man” who lacks appreciation for what he has at home. Steve is initially portrayed as the bachelor who longs for what his friend has. Outside of work, he fills the void with empty relationships with women.

Despite the fact that the characters were initially a bit cliché, Dornan and Mackie do a great job bringing them to life and building empathy from the viewer. The character development grows throughout the film as we see more of who they are beneath the surface.

There are times within the first hour of Synchronic that drag a bit. This might be due to a lull in the action that the film begins with. After the opening scene, it tapers off quickly and there is quite a break before it picks up again. That being said, the quiet scenes contribute to character development. And this leads to a greater viewer investment through the latter half of the film.


As someone less familiar with the world of sci-fi stories and films, I’m glad I took the chance on this one. As mentioned earlier, I appreciate a story with heart. This is especially important to me in a genre that can be hit or miss based on my personal taste.

Synchronic has several strengths as a film, and these do well to balance any weaknesses I’ve mentioned. Strong points that I’ve yet to mention are: a haunting and effective score and setting, as well as appealing cinematography. The chilling atmosphere created in the flick comes from the combination of these aspects.

There are several suspenseful action sequences throughout the second half of Synchronic. The last of those scenes had me on the edge of my seat. Overall, it’s the performance of the two lead actors that contributes to my higher rating of this feature. Synchronic’s biggest strength is in the human connection that is showcased throughout the film, and the lingering thoughts and questions it leaves with the viewer.

Wicked Rating: 7/10

Synchronic is now available on digital and releases on Blu-Ray/DVD January 26.

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