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There is More to Naked Cannibal Campers than Cheap Thrills and Schlock [Review]

Naked Cannibal Campers

Sean Donohue is one of the hardest working independent directors and producers in the industry, and he is nowhere near slowing down as he brings us his latest effort, Naked Cannibal Campers! I was first introduced to Donohue’s work when he released his slasher Die Die Delta Pi (2013). Since 2013, he has released seven films including Death-Scort Service, Cannibal Claus, The Hart-Break Killer and plenty more, satisfying his viewers with blood for the gore hounds and bare skin for those after something a little risqué. 

By the title of his latest feature, Naked Cannibal Campers, you may assume that you already know what to expect from beginning to end. But, you’re wrong. It’s packed with an interesting storyline, impressive soundtrack, and captivating camera work. The film opens to a woman named Jen (Jilly Whitlow, Night of the Creeps) who is fleeing from the mysterious psycho that bombarded her boyfriend in the woods. A hope for salvation comes when a woman and her two friends invite Jen in. I won’t go into full detail as to what happens next, but know that this is the last time we see Jen. But without her, we would never have the pleasure of meeting Sukie, Luna and Minerva, three ladies whose specialties include cannibalism, witchcraft, and camping.

Just watching these girls interact with each other is hilarious enough. But three obnoxious buddies Dale, Rick and Scott soon enter the plot as they take up residence in a nearby cabin for a weekend filled with fishing, drinking and silliness. Despite a warning from Ranger Ursula to avoid the east side of the lake, the guys decide to explore all the terrain has to offer, including a “dinner” invitation from three attractive young women. With the key pieces of horror, comedy and sex now aligned, we are free to experience all the bloodshed, carnage, and oodles of gratuitous nudity Donahue can muster.   

As someone who is familiar with Donahue’s films, Naked Cannibal Campers feels fresh and even more elevated. From the storyline, camerawork and fantastic kills, I found myself constantly engaged. A plus for me was seeing the recognizable faces of actors who live in the Tampa Bay area (where I live). Jason Henne (Crazy Lake) plays Jen’s boyfriend and Cayt Feinics (Death-Scort Service, Chaos A.D., Cannibal Claus) plays Ranger Ursula.  

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Though I enjoy all of the characters, the cannibal witches are the true stars. They are all gorgeous and carry the film with exceptional performances. At first, I was nervous that they would be overshadowed by the three male friends but the ladies reign supreme throughout. 

Naked Cannibal Campers provides viewers with enough to want more. It’s a little over an hour and includes a post-credit surprise that left me anticipating a possible sequel. So, if you love sleaze and blood, you may enjoy this one! I know for me, when Sean Donahue first announced the concept for this film, I was sold! Who am I to deny a GatorBlade Film filled with cannibals, gore, and witches? 

Naked Cannibal Campers is available on VOD for rental or purchase and on Blu-ray and DVD. Don’t forget to check out Gatorblade Films’ website. And keep a look out for their Kickstarter for Naked Cannibal Campers comic!








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