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We Need To Do Something Takes Isolation Horror to the Next Level

We Need To Do Something leaves its viewers trapped within the confines of a family’s implosion, building tension at an excellent pace, and dropping scares at all the right moments.

This is the story of a family on edge, brought to the brink of their conflict by what initially appears to be a tornado. Upon notice of the impending storm, Melissa (Sierra McCormick) and her family seek shelter in their bathroom.

This scenario may sound familiar. How many of us without a basement or storm cellar were told that the bathroom is the safest option during such a storm? This film made me rethink that idea, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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Soon after the event, the family discovers they are trapped, and what ensues is a slow unraveling of horrific events. As the family encounters one terrifying moment after another, Melissa can’t help but think she and her girlfriend Amy contributed to this catastrophic event.

This film does so many things right. For one, all of the scenes, aside from a few flashbacks, are set in the family’s bathroom. Single-setting films can sometimes leave something to be desired, but that is not the case with We Need To Do Something. At the beginning, I thought, “This is a spacious bathroom”, but by the end of the film, it felt small.

The claustrophobia is palpable in this story, and while it begins on a minor scale, it snowballs into a massive feeling by the end of the film. This is, overall, a character study and a closer look at a family’s dynamics and their individual issues. Because of this, the film is brimming with emotion, and it’s easy to empathize with several of the characters.

The acting has to be top-notch for a piece like this, and this cast does not disappoint. While the ensemble performance is solid, the standout here is Pat Healy in his role as the alcoholic father, Robert. His character is always fascinating, at times frightening, and the actor portrays his off-the-wall moments with ease.

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There are a few quiet moments when it seems the film gets a bit leisurely, but it picks up in time. The tension between the characters is so thick that it makes up for any lulls in the action from the world outside their bathroom.

There are several moments in this picture that will haunt me for some time to come. From a particular voice, to a certain song, wrapped up in moments of visual horror, it’s an unforgettable story.

As a fan of horror fiction, I try to read the book prior to watching an adaptation. I didn’t get to the novella first in this instance. Sometimes, if I watch the film first, I don’t want to go back and read the story. In the case of We Need To Do Something, I still plan to read the book. And I think many others may be inspired to do the same, especially knowing that the screenplay was written by the author, Max Booth III.

I’m doing my best to steer clear of any spoilers here, so I’ll keep it simple. This flick is unique and a standout among those I’ve seen this year. There’s a perfect balance of gore, suspense, and moments with heart. It left a lasting impression on me.

We Need To Do Something is available now in theaters, and on digital and VOD.


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