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Wrong Turn 6 Features More Blood, More Gore, and More Sex!

Wrong Turn 6

Directed by Valeri Milev, Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort, continues its gore-fest.

With The Last Resort being the sixth installment of the Wrong Turn series, fans already know what to expect; blood, gore and sex. And Wrong Turn 6 doesn’t disappoint in that respect, being the most sexed-up entry in the franchise so far.

Depressed orphan, Danny (Anthony Lott), receives news that he is the inheritor of Hobb Springs, a forgotten resort deep in the West Virginia hills. Danny and a bunch of his friends head out to the property for a weekend and upon arrival meet the caretakers to the property, the horny Sally (Sadie Katz) and her brother, Jackson, (Chris Jarvis- The Phantom of the Opera). Danny is instantly taken with the place but his girlfriend Toni (Aqueela Zoll) isn’t so sure.

The socially awkwardly couple Sally and Jackson soon introduce Danny to the long lost family he’s never known; a clan by the name of Hillicker. These hillbilly cannibals have lived in the Appalachian hills, observing ancient traditions to keep the family strong, and they need Danny to bring the purity back to their inter-bred “family”.

Unlike previous instalments, The Last Resort really did its best to establish a good storyline with likable and fun characters but it leads to a film that starts to sag in the middle. We get bogged down with random arguments and sneaking around the resort as we wait to see where it will all lead. Danny himself is particularly uninteresting as a character; we just never care enough about his depression or his revival from it. The questionable acting and accents also leave the film somewhat lacking in personality.

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The Wrong Turn series has always been famed for its inventive gore sequences, and Wrong Turn 6 certainly doesn’t let the side down in that regard. I was unpleasantly surprised though by the killers whose ‘make-up’ seems to have disappeared, now resembling cheap, motionless masks.

Overall, unfortunately I found myself getting bored with Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort. It has lashings of nudity and bloodshed but the rest of the film feels a tad dull, and that’s something a Wrong turn film should never be. Those of us who have been there from the beginning, however, should still enjoy the gore it does offer. And, yes, it leaves the door wedged wide open for another sequel.


Title: Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort


Director(s): Valeri Milev
Writer(s): Frank H. Woodward
Stars: Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Aqueela Zoll
Year: 2014
Studio/ Production Co: Summit Entertainment, Constantin Film, Regency Express
Budget: $1,200,000 (estimated)
Language: English
Length: 91mins
Sub-Genre: Sequels, Gore

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