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GSN To Premiere Horror Game Show Hellevator With the Soskas Hosting

The Soska Sisters have ben uncharacteristically tight lipped about what they’ve been up to these past few months and we can see why. Coming off the announcement that they will be teaming up with...

Horror of Dracula 1958

Horror of Dracula: How it Cemented the Hammer Legacy

Hammer Films burst onto the scene in 1957 with The Curse of Frankenstein. And just like the early days of Universal, one followed the other and a Dracula movie was put into production right away. Curs...

I was a teenage werewolf movie poster

Five Classic ’50’s Horror Films That Could Benefit from A Remake

This will no doubt be a controversial opinion, but not all horror films from the 1950’s are good. Some are definitely considered classics, but are known mostly as classic B-Movies. That doesn’t mean t...