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Seven A-List Actors and the Bit Horror Roles That Gave Them Their Start

It’s no secret, at least to horror fans, that most A-list actors got their start in lower budget horror movies. Or have at least done horror early in their career. Sometimes great actors don’t even st...

Jesse Eisenberg - Horror Credits the cast of Batman v Superman would like you to forget

Horror Credits the Cast of Batman v Superman Would Like You to Forget

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a massive opening weekend, but opinions between fans and critics are vastly divided. With the box office returns, it’s unlikely that any of the cast would consid...

A-List actors who should have done more horror - Jennifer Connelly in Phenomena

A-List Actors Who Should Have Done More Horror

Actors play a crucial role in horror. In any movie, obviously, but horror fans really latch onto the faces on the screen. Everyone has their favorite horror actors, from the classics like Vincent Pric...