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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

Evil Ed Fright Night

Five Characters That Needed More Screen Time

Some horror movies have useless, stock characters that the audience immediately wants to see die. That can be fun, but it’s not really the point. It’s a much more fulfilling experience when we can rel...

The Howling

Four Horror Film Transformations That are Incredibly Uncomfortable to Watch

Transformations have been an incredibly relevant part of horror films, dating back to the very beginning. Stories of humans transforming into animals and otherworldly beings go back as far as there ar...

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is Quirky, Bizarre, and Fun [Editorial]

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 sees Jesse and his family moving into a new home on Elm Street. While settling in, Jesse learns that Nancy Thompson previously occupied his new home. When Jesse finds Nancy...

Villain Deaths Freddy cameo in Jason Goes to Hell

Five Demonic Possession Movies That Broke the Mold and Redefined the Sub-Genre

It’s easy for possession movies to fall into the same trap. Once The Exorcist was released it quickly set the template for everything that would follow. Most tales of possession, even now, follow that...

How Nightmare on Elm Street 2 became a gay classic

How A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Became an Iconic Gay Horror Film (After Years of Being Hated)

A Nightmare on Elm Street was not a movie that anyone expected to become a big hi. Even after it was released, it wasn’t a huge success. It wasn’t released in enough theaters to be a true blockbuster....

Texas Frightmare Weekend

Event Recap: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015

This past weekend, Dallas, Texas was host yet again to “The Southwest’s Premier Horror Convention” – Texas Frightmare Weekend. Held every year the first weekend of May, TFW is ...