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Abattoir - Jessica Lowndes

Exclusive Interview: Jessica Lowndes Talks Abattoir!

Wicked Horror recently had the occasion to speak with Jessica Lowndes (The Devil’s Carnival, 90210) about her role in Darren Lynn Bousman’s latest shocker, Abattoir (review). The actress o...

Abattoir - Jessica Lowndes

Darren Lynn Bousman’s Abattoir Drops an Official Trailer!

Momentum Pictures has just released an official trailer for the haunted house thriller Abattoir. Keep an eye out for a quote from our review that made the preview, which you can check out in the playe...

Abattoir - Jessica Lowndes

Advance Review: Abattoir is a Pulse-Pounding, Neo-Noir Horror Thriller

An investigative journalist sets out to solve the mystery behind a house constructed from the remains of violent crime scenes. The closer she gets to uncovering the secret behind the home, the more sh...