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Horror Performances by A-List Actors Misery 1990 - Horror movies with an incredibly simple premise

Seven Great Horror Performances by A-List Actors

Acting is often hit or miss in the horror genre, which is why horror fans are so eager to latch onto good performances. Horror is a great way for actors to get their start, which is why so many perfor...

The Last Voyage of Demeter

Seven Old-School Horror Performances That Are Still Terrifying

The classics are so called for a reason. The early days of horror cinema brought forth some amazing stories and visuals. But it was the performances that cemented their place in the public consciousne...

A-List actors who should have done more horror - Jennifer Connelly in Phenomena

A-List Actors Who Should Have Done More Horror

Actors play a crucial role in horror. In any movie, obviously, but horror fans really latch onto the faces on the screen. Everyone has their favorite horror actors, from the classics like Vincent Pric...