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Project Ithaca

Project Ithaca will restore your faith in alien movies [Review]

Project Ithaca revolves around a Saw like scenario where random people find themselves tethered to the same alien spaceship. With little information, five strangers have to navigate their imprisonment...

Alien - Rebecca Ferguson - Alien 5 - Alien Identity

Six Horror Movies That Don’t Start Out as Horror Movies

It’s pretty traditional for horror movies to just be horror movies from the start. It’s what’s expected. Nobody would go into a horror movie expecting it to be something else. Traditionally, you have ...


Alex Garland’s ‘Annihilation’ is a Striking Experiment

The notion of following up Alex Garland’s landmark of sci-fi cinema, Ex Machina, is unquestionably daunting. Though his directorial meddle wasn’t tested until 2015, Garland’s screenwriting career soli...

Alien (1979) The problem with sub-genres - label makers

How Alien Raised the Bar for Visuals in Horror

Throughout most of the 1970’s, horror was very focused on realism. There was a transition period in the previous decade that moved the genre away from the gothic Hammer films, truly cementing horror i...

Dr Loomis

Twelve Horror Novelizations That Are Actually Still In Print

Horror novelizations are generally thought of as being pretty rare. Some of them go for insane prices online, especially ones like Phantasm that were never widely available to begin with. Most of thes...

Alien: Covenant

Second Opinion: Alien: Covenant

Ridley Scott’s latest foray into the universe belonging to Synthetic Beings and Xenomorphs is an intense and compelling horror ride. If you were not a big fan of Alien: Covenant’s predecessor, Prometh...

Alien - Rebecca Ferguson - Alien 5 - Alien Identity

In Print, No One Can Hear You Scream: Eight of the Best Aliens Comics

Alien has left a lasting cultural legacy that extends far beyond the film and its sequels, prequels and crossovers. Beyond the movies, there are action figures, video games, comics, and there seem to ...

Advance Review: Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant is deliberately titled, as its predecessor Prometheus was, to alert us to the supposedly deep ideas contained within.  A chilly, pretentious, dangerously snooze-inducing prologue sees ...

Ridley Scott Confirms When Next Alien Will Shoot

Alien: Covenant hasn’t even hit theaters (is it next week yet?) but already director Ridley Scott is discussing the next edition in the franchise–which makes sense, considering he reckons ...

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