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Campfire Tales 1997

‘Campfire Tales’ is an Unexpectedly Great Anthology (That No One Remembers)

The ‘80s is sort of remembered as the heyday of horror anthology films, giving us classics like Creepshow 1 & 2, Twilight Zone: The Movie, From a Whisper to a Scream, Cat’s Eye, and many more. But...

Tales from the Darkside

Five Unsung Anthology Movies Worth a Second Look

Anthology movies are an underrated sub-genre. The format tends to have better luck on TV, where people can see a different story every week. The anthology movies that are beloved are held to a sacred ...

Body Bags

Mixed Bag: Why Body Bags is a Rough Around the Edges Anthology (That’s Still Absurdly Fun)

Despite the Scream Factory collector’s edition Blu-ray for Body Bags, it’s still easily one of the most overlooked titles John Carpenter has directed. It’s far from the classic status of Halloween or ...

Creepshow 2 1987

Why Creepshow 2 is an Unexpectedly Balanced Anthology

While the anthology movie is a great and unsung type of horror feature, films of that type usually have the same set of problems. They rarely balance out the stories in a way that satisfies viewers an...

VHS Viral. The third installment to the popular V/H/S franchise, V/H/S: Viral.

The Mayhem Goes Viral For V/H/S

    V/H/S: Viral promises mayhem with new one sheet! Bloody Disgusting have released a brand new poster for the third installment to the popular anthology franchise, V/H/S. The found-footage...