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Night of the Comet

How ‘Night of the Comet’ Made the Apocalypse Fun

“Daddy would have gotten us Uzis."

Darkness Doesn’t Quite Reach The Bright Light Of Its Potential [Nightstream Film Festival Review]

The three sisters at the heart of Emanuela Rossi’s Darkness are something out of another era, with Peter Pan collared dresses and Gunne Sax style nightgowns, patiently waiting in the darkened ha...

Review: Don’t Pull Over for Zombie-Thriller Breakdown Lane

Call the tow truck, ‘cause this one’s a clunker. Now when I first kicked the tires a decent concept fell out: Kirby Lane’s (Whitney Moore) SUV breaks down on a desert road. She calls OnStar. A charmin...

High Rise Poster

Blu-Ray Review – High-Rise

Welcome to the newest, most posh high-rise in London. It’s forty stories tall and has all the latest technology and amenities a tenant could want–a gym, a pool, a spa, even a market. Young...

in defense of the remake - dawn of the dead

Zombie Movies and Humanity’s Fascination With a Post-Apocalyptic World  

Within the horror genre, there are a seemingly endless stream of zombie movies that take place in a post-apocalyptic world. Movies such as Dawn of the Dead and World War Z fantasize about a society in...