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The Dead Next Door

Cult Corner: The Dead Next Door

Welcome to Cult Corner where we dive through the bargain bins to determine if a movie is trash or treasure. Today’s pick… J.R. Bookwalter’s The Dead Next Door. At the risk of sounding elit...

deathgasm - Zena’s Top Five Horror Films of 2015

Deathgasm [Advance Review]

Heavy metal and horror seemingly go together like blast beats and tremolo picking, but outside of Cannibal Corpse album covers we don’t really have a ton of great works that combine the two. The TV sh...

History of food industry horror. Poster for Larry Cohen's The Stuff.

You Are What You Eat: A History of Food Industry Horror

Horror has always had a relationship with food, believe it or not. Even when not focused on food and the food industry, some of the most basic monster stories from vampires to zombies are about the de...