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The Legend of Boggy Creek Bigfoot

Spotlighting One of Horror’s Most Overlooked Sub-Genres: Bigfoot

Bigfoot is one of those legends that keeps prevailing throughout all advances in science and technology. Speculations about the creature have never faltered. Given that, it’s a little surprising that ...

Valley of the Sasquatch

Valley of the Sasquatch to Make West Coast Premiere at SIFF

The Northwest based production company,  October People will be staging the west coast premiere of their new film Valley of the Sasquatch at the Seattle International Film Festival. The festival will ...

Movie Monsters That Should Take the Reigns Once Zombie Mania is Over

When zombies returned with huge success in the mid-2000’s, I couldn’t have been happier. They were a staple of the genre, after all, a cornerstone in the pantheon of movie monsters. Zombies were parti...