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The Littlest Deadite

Evil Dead Storybook The Littlest Deadite is a Must Read

Author Sean Hughes has created a charming storybook based on Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 called The Littlest Deadite. To say that the illustrations are exceptional would be an understatement. Hughes...

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

10 Horrifying Kids Books That Are Not Actually Appropriate for Kids

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on books we enjoyed as kids or teenagers. For me, that often means looking back over a list of books that my mother would never have allowed me to read had she realized ...

Children's Book Recommendations for horror fans

Children’s Book Recommendations for Horror Fans

It’s sometimes difficult for parents who are horror fans to share that love with their children. Kids can be notoriously afraid of everything, so choosing books that you can enjoy together can b...