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Boar Movie Still Red Eyes

Boar Suffers from Lackluster FX [Frightfest 2018 Review]

Creature feature fans will know that, more often than not, the promise of a brand new film to drool over is tinged with the anxiety of knowing it’s probably going to turn out to be a load of CGI...

Charlies Farm is an upcoming horror directed and written by Chris Sun.

Charlie’s Farm- Upcoming Horror In The Outback

From the guy that gave us family torture flick Daddy’s Little Girl, Chris Sun, brings us Charlie’s Farm. Charlie’s Farm bases itself around four friends wishing to do something a bit different a...

Chris Sun film Daddy's little girl reviewed by nicola odeku.

Daddy’s Little Girl is a Story of Gory Revenge

[If you like gore, revenge horror and are into a bit of torture, Watch.This.Film. But if you’re picky with storylines and acting, don’t. My friend recommended Daddy’s Little Girl, directed by Ch...