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title holder for most disturbing movie a serbian film.

Twenty Horror Movies You Wouldn’t Want to Watch with Your Gran

As a hard-core horror movie fan I have many friends and family members that do not get my desire for, as they call it, “messed-up” movies. While I can get away with sneaking in a little gore and terro...

Club Dread directed by Jay Chandrasekhar.

Club Dread is Escapism Cinema and That’s About it

If horror comedy is your thing, with more laughs than horror, you may enjoy Club Dread, directed and co-written by Jay Chandrasekhar (who also stars in the movie). Actually, scrap that. If you like wa...

Tucker and Tale Vs Evil horror movie.

Horror Comedies- For Fans Of A Scarily Good Time

Even those who tend to shy away from horror movies can usually handle the ones with a good sense of humor. There is long history of B-movie horror pictures that are known for their campy laughs as muc...