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It: Chapter II Pennywise IT - Stephen King - Cary Fukunaga

Seven Most Exciting Comic Con Horror Announcements

San Diego Comic Con only gets bigger and bigger each year. It’s progressed from being simply about comics and superheroes into a more corporate event where different studios can announce their upcomin...

Here are the Biggest Horror Reveals from San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic-Con is essentially the pop culture hub for the entire globe. It’s where everything gets revealed to an audience of thousands upon thousands of fans. From movies to TV shows, to teasers...

madballs are making a comeback.

1980’s Monster Toys Madballs Make Another Comeback!

If you were a kid in the 80’s, chances are you’ll remember the squishy rubber monstrous faces of Madballs. Created by AmToy, the toys incorporated gross-out humor in the vein of Wacky Packages and Gar...