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1980’s Monster Toys Madballs Make Another Comeback!

madballs are making a comeback.

If you were a kid in the 80’s, chances are you’ll remember the squishy rubber monstrous faces of Madballs. Created by AmToy, the toys incorporated gross-out humor in the vein of Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids.

The 1980s madballs toys.

Each ball had a character synopsis and an odd name like Screamin Meemie, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Snake Bait, Wolf Breath, Touchdown Terror, and Goat Eater. Some of you may even remember that a short-lived TV series sprang from the toy line, as well as a video game for the ZX Specturm, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64.

After disappearing from toy shelves for many years, Madballs made a return back in 2007, when a revival saw the release of redesigned balls of the original characters as well as brand new balls that featured squishy insides. Now, in 2015, Madballs will see yet another revival!

At the most recent Comic Con in San Diego, art boutique Mondo revealed that they’re bringing the Madballs back for one more go and unveiled the first three toys in the new line, Slobulus, Horn Head and Skull Face.

New revived madballs skull face, slobulus and Horn Head.

Unlike the original Madballs, Mondo’s redesigned toys will be made out of a soft-vinyl resin, allowing for them to be much more detailed and brightly colored than the previous balls. They look so much more awesomely gross now!

According to Idle Hands, Mondo’s Madballs will be up for pre-order this Fall. Mondo may even get to work on revamping more original characters and creating their own line of Madballs if the launch goes well.

With a retail price of around $10 to $15 each, they are a bargain for the nostalgia buff. If you want to get your Madballs on keep your eye on Mondo’s website!

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