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Event Recap: MegaCon 2018

Last year’s MegaCon was among the most enjoyable I’ve ever attended. Much of that was, of course, due to the events, the guests, and the overall planning from the team behind the convention. But it wa...

Texas Frightmare Weekend

Event Report: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016

It is known as “the Southwest’s Premiere Horror Convention,” and with the show that was put on this past weekend, Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016 more than lived up to that moniker. No...

Spooky Empire

Event Recap: Spooky Empire Retro

I’m a longtime Spooky Empire attendee. My first show was May of 2012 and I haven’t missed one since. This is a smaller show, just to hold people over until October comes. Yet it was a very enjoyable t...

panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend

Why Every Horror Fan Should Attend At Least One Convention

The experience of attending your first horror convention is unequaled. Being surrounded by all the scary and spooky things that you love, and sharing that with hundreds, maybe thousands, of other peop...

First-Annual Shock Pop ComicCon

Event Report: Shock Pop ComicCon

I was able to attend the first annual Shock Pop ComicCon this past weekend, and am happy to say that it was a well put together, competent event. It’s always a gamble with a new event and I was somewh...